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How we recruit

For permanent staff we do the following:

  • Preparation of detailed job specifications
  • Advertising for job Applicants based on researched and effective advertising models
  • Personnel needs
  • Reference and credit checks
  • Structured qualification of job Applicants against job function and other selection criteria
  • Preparation and presentation of detailed curriculum vitae
  • Referral of qualified job Applicants
  • Head Hunting of high calibre candidates

For contract staff we do the following:

  • Tailored flexible staffing plans made to suit your extra business needs
  • Outsource non-core job functions
  • Ad Hoc projects requiring additional staff for a predetermined period

We only handle the recruitment and selection of contract staff, negotiate their salary packages and fixed term contract terms and conditions. For Temporary Employment Services we do the following: We hire out the services of our temporary employees to you the client. An hourly rate will be agreed upon by Arusys Recruitment and the Client per temporary assignment plus a mark up to cover:

  • Recruiting time
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • UIF
  • Statutory Benefits

Arusys Recruitment will be responsible for educating the temporary employees on:

  • The basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • The Temporary Employment Contract
  • General Conduct and Dress Code
  • Disciplinary and Grievance procedures

In conclusion, it would be prudent to say that as an established service provider our services to your company will be a valuable asset and we look forward to a long standing and beneficial association.


  • Job profiling in all industries
  • Permanent recruitment and selection
  • Contract recruitment and selection
  • Temporary Employment Services
  • Executive search and headhunting

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